Managing Crises and Being Resilient

Security, environmental, economic, human, social,… Crisis is pervasive in Corporate life, private or public. Crisis introduces a change in our systems while generating conflicts. The combination of these elements makes it a highly sensitive topic as it forces Corporations to face their vulnerabilities.

Therefore, crisis is a complex system, where human stakes are always high for the people directly impacted, indirectly impacted, as well as those managing it.

If technical expertise is essential in order to manage it professionally and efficiently, understanding the human element is as essential. Emotional Intelligence is at the heart of Crisis Management, including managing one's emotions and stress.

In the long run, combining technical expertise with these soft components is the key to Sustainable Resilience, for both the Corporation and its individuals.

Available in English and French, this Training provides tools to Crisis Management experts, and non-experts, to deepen their knowledge in Crisis Management.


  1. Unscramble Crisis Complexity

  2. Understand its Elements

  3. Establish ones Leadership

  4. Understand the Emotions & their role during a Crisis

  5. Discover Intuition & its Key Role

  6. Manage ones stress level efficiently

Management is nothing more than motivating other people.

Lee Iacocca, former CEO of Chrysler