• Risk & Threat Assessment

  • People & Assets protection

  • Incident Reporting

  • Crisis Management

  • Business Continuity

  • Awareness 

  • Team.s assessment, implementation & coaching

Providing Consulting Services is about co-creating a strong and integrative solution for your Business.

Based on your Business context, environment, stakeholders, specific needs, operational and financial constraints, we will help you conceive an integrative Resilience Program for your operations and people.


We believe Resilience is a holistic topic, which includes various components, among which Physical Security, Incident & Crisis Management, Business Continuity.


In today's world, none of these can be addressed in a vacuum.


Raising awareness on this topic is at the very core of my Consulting Services.


Providing this Services in English and/or in French, we can work with experts, and non-experts, to help your grow your Business confidently into the Future.


The specific objectives of any our Consulting Engagements will always be co-evaluated as a foreword. 

Our credo aims at the six action items below: 

  1. Understand your Needs & Constraints;

  2. Understand and assess your existing set-up;

  3. Assess your environment and associated Security risks;

  4. Propose options to mitigate risks, in accordance with the above-mentioned critical factors;

  5. Offer options to optimize and modernize Resilience of your Business;

  6. Raise awareness on Resilience matters (Physical Security, Incident & Crisis Management, Business Continuity...).

If employees believe their behaviors have no bearing on the accrual of desired outcomes, their sense of volition is weakened

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