Leadership & Diversity

Becoming Responsible and Leading our Careers

In a world where we keep on opposing Leadership styles and male and female parts, the concept of "leadership" has become common and binary. The word leadership seems to be seen and heard as naturally male-oriented and it’s become common practice to add the words “female” or “women” next to it to differentiate it.

But is it really necessary to do so?

Leading a team, a group of people, requires various skills, but above all, it requires to be authentic, self-confident and agile. Today, while women's social role is being entirely redefined, we, men and women together, have a golden opportunity to draw a new style of leadership by putting forward our trump cards and our individual differences to put the pieces together.

During this conference, I use my experience within various organizations private and public to propose reflexion paths and engage a discussion with the Participants around this complex concept.


  1. Offer an inspiring moment

  2. Engage Participants in a self-reflexion around the question of leadership 

  3. Challenge Participants' beliefs

  4. Provide Tools to sharpen Participants' Leadership, including in a constantly changing environment

An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made

in a very narrow field.

Niels Bohr, Physicist


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