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Nowadays, with the many political and societal changes, security, economic, and climate-related risks, and the ecological transition we are all facing, it is essential for organizations to have the necessary skills to bounce back quickly and smoothly.


Twenty years of experience in the Physical Security & Resilience (Crisis Management & Business Continuity) Industry, at both global and local level positions, have allowed me to develop an acute and systemic vision of Corporate Resilience, which is the capability to face the unforeseen, the unknown and change.


Equally trained in Coaching, psychology and cognitive sciences, I take heed of the human aspects, putting forth active listening, genuine partnership, and sense of responsibility at the center of my methodology, which for me are prime elements allowing to get efficient and sustainable results.


My objective is to offer my clients the possibility to build a wholesome and balanced resilient system, while taking into consideration the various corporate functions, as well as environmental, community-based and social aspects, so that companies and their employees remain committed, inspired and empowered in the long run. This approach yields more operational and tactical efficiency.


About Alexandra Hoffmann

During her career with large corporations in France and abroad (Avon Products, Lafarge, Hewlett-Packard), and the French Government, Alexandra has developed an expertise in Security, Crisis Management & Business Continuity (strategic and tactical physical security planning, risk prevention and management, operational physical security management in various countries, including Western and Eastern Europe, and the Middle East, investigations, incidents & crisis management,…). Her rich operational and multicultural experience has given her a strong expertise in corporate resilience, its boosting factors, and best practices to manage it.


She later became Director of Resilience at Philips Lighting (Signify today), where she was responsible for implementing the Global Resilience Program, including Group policy, procedure, and measurement tools for crisis management and business continuity.


In 2018, Alexandra decided to launch Alexandra Hoffmann Consulting to put her know-how and soft skills directly at the service of other companies. Alexandra has since been supporting businesses on topics related to Resilience through Consulting and Training services, but also enjoys sharing her experience on Leadership. She also promotes synergies and blend complementary professional expertise through various partnerships with companies such as Amarante International, Cresse Consulting or Virtual Corporation.

Alexandra has an LLB in Criminal Law and an M.Sc. in Criminal Justice & Police Science in France, an M.Sc. in Corporate Security from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, and is a Certified Coach. As a Certified Yoga Teacher, she also gives pro bono yoga classes to SWAT units of the French police.

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Confidence isn't optimism or pessimism, and it's not a character attribute.

It's the expectation of a positive outcome.

Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Chair of the Harvard University Advanced Leadership Initiative





Building a comprehensive Physical Security Program from scratch, reviewing your Physical Security Training Program, implementing a Security Incident Reporting tool, or creating a Crisis Management / Business Continuity Program...

Our Consulting Services can assist you to build a strong Resilience program in order to help you grow your business confidently into the future. 



- Managing Crisis & Being Resilient - 

Taking into account the Human Factor in a complex Environment for Sustainable Corporate Resilience. 

Combining know-how & soft skills, this training, which can be customized according to your specific needs, will provide you with tools to reinforce your Crisis Management Program. 



- Leadership & Diversity -

Becoming Responsible and Leading our Careers.

This Conference is an opportunity to discuss the key learnings I drew from my 20 years in a male-dominated field, as an employee, a colleague, and a manager.

I’m a member of Innovation Women and they promote my speaking engagements too.



Blame is not for failure,

it is for failing to help or ask for help.

Jorgen Vig Knudstorp, CEO of Lego


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